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With the massive rise in internet commerce & online retail, also comes a massive rise in counterfeit products & shady suppliers.  Counterfeit.io is the perfect name for the next Google Chrome Extension, allowing customers all around the world to shop online, stress-free, without having to worry if the website they are on is selling counterfeit products, or if it's even a legitimate business, before they ever make a payment.  This would be an exceptional tool with mass adoption potential for customers worldwide, but also significantly decrease the chargebacks happening to the legitimate merchants.

*This domain is available for acquisition at the $100,000 BIN price.  Or, it's available for joint venture if you have the knowledge & expertise to make the above come to light.

Potential: Something like this could be rolled out as a recurring subscription service with a monthly fee, kind of like a VPN service would do.  

"Amazon notes that it spent over $500 million in 2019 to fight fraud, abuse, and counterfeit products, with 8,000 employees working on those efforts. The company also reports blocking 2.5 million suspected bad actor accounts in 2019 before any sales could be made and shutting down 6 billion suspected bad listings last year." - The Verge

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